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Medical care for allergic reactions.

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profile_mediumAdditionally, antihistamines are prescribed (diphenhydramine, tavegil, diazolin, diprazine), 10% calcium chloride in solution is administered, provigil. Also, calcium chloride electrophoresis is recommended in the presence of subcutaneous infiltrates. What treatment to take?

Local forms of allergic reactions may disappear spontaneously within a few weeks. However, if the reaction continues, then the following must be done: Make sure that the patient performs insulin injections correctly, since a violation of the drug administration technique (violation of storage conditions, subcutaneous injection technique, alcohol ingress into the skin) can also cause allergies. Prescribe another insulin preparation. Use highly purified preparations (monopic and monocomponent insulins). Combine insulin administration with hydrocortisone (1-2 mg) with each injection if changing the drug does not give the desired effect.

Insulin administration can be accompanied by many side effects, including local and general IgE-mediated reactions, hemolytic anemia, serum sickness, and delayed-type hypersensitivity reactions. Human insulin is less antigenic than porcine insulin, and porcine insulin is less than bovine insulin, although some patients tolerate porcine or bovine insulin better.

In patients previously treated with animal insulin, systemic allergic reactions may occur to recombinant insulin even when it is first administered. Antibodies to insulin are found in more than 50% of patients receiving Modafinil drug, but this is not always clinically manifested.